The Frost Dragon Fight

The Temple of Notch holds the key to defeating Herobrine. But can they make it there alive?

Our band of heroes has split up, each with a task that will help defeat Herobrine. Flash, Launa, Grimm and Leetah head back to The Temple of Notch in hopes of uncovering a secret to using the potion Flash made there earlier.

But their journey seems doomed from the start as their path back to Launa's village and the temple is blocked. The group must head north, around the pass in hopes of finding another way in, but the lands of the frozen north are full of dangers.

Freezing ice and water, avalanches, woolly mammoths and an angry frost dragon, all seem determined to put an end to their quest before it even begins.

Can they work together to survive this unknown land, or will their frustrations and jealousies pull them to their doom?

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