Episode 10 - A Royal Welcome


Laura is awed by the largest courtyard she's ever seen, the majestic walls, watch towers, and turrets. But she has no idea the “Den of Danger” she’s walking into! What will she encounter next?

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Here Laura stands in the largest courtyard she has ever seen. The majestic walls are as high as she can imagine; topped with watchtowers, turrets, and walkways. She is completely in awe. But strange enough for such a large building… there is hardly anyone here. The very emptiness makes the sight even more overwhelming. And Laura has no idea the “Den of Danger” she’s walking into! Who or what will she encounter next?

Joe and Sarah have just defeated their first monstrous obstacle, and now they are in for a whole new kind of misfortune. They have to travel through a perilous wilderness to reach the next village and get some help. They have no choice… but where will this choice really lead them in the end? And are they up for the challenge? Let’s find out!