Friend or Foe Part 3 - The Man Hunt

Will Kevin EVER make it back to his safe house in the woods? What new dangers, creatures, magic, and more will Kevin run into next? What about that black monster? Will Kevin see it again? Will he be able to find it? Will it give him another clue about his sister, Laura?

Here’s what we do know. Kevin is getting stronger by the day (what with his powers and his trusty sword), but the Evil Queen still hasn’t found him. Thank goodness for that! Unfortunately, this is just making the queen furious, and her patience is running out. She has a huge and hairy plan hiding up her sleeve, and she’s about to unleash it! Kristisia has her servant, Farwin, dig up some old maps and they soon discover there is a powerful ally just miles below their feet. With the help of Farwin’s men and at a great cost to Kristisia, she embarks on a journey to find a way to snag these children. Can she trust this new ally? Or will it all be for naught?

On the other hand, Kevin finds himself in a very sticky situation; right smack in the middle of a massive spider nest! Will he be able to survive this ultimate challenge? Who knows? Oh, and one other thing. Laura has yet remained the biggest mystery, but that part in our story is about to come to a close. Jump into this next episode to find the answers!

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