Friend or Foe Part 2 - Dead or Alive

OH NO! We pick up right where we left off in Part One with Kevin almost dying… again!! What will he find at the bottom of that enormous pit? Will he finally be able to get his hands on some bacon (Ender Kids joke), or will he encounter a new danger? Perhaps a hairy demon with a face covered in evil, red eyes!

So far, we’ve learned two things.
Thing One: Kevin is pretty much a regular ol’, totally legit superhero baby! He can fight crime and protect himself from danger like the best of them! Well, not all the time. But he’s pretty darn good. And his skills just keep getting better!

Thing Two: The only thing he hasn’t been able to defeat yet is that tall, black monster. The strange purple mist wasn’t just mist after all; it was something much, much more! It seems the dark being is on a mission, but for what? Does it want to kill Kevin? That would make the most sense. But maybe, just maybe, it might be the key to providing some clues about Kevin’s precious sister, Laura.

Jump into this dangerous tale to find out more! The secrets are waiting!

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