Friend or Foe Part 1

Kevin has had to survive in this crazy Minecraft world for weeks! What has he been doing in all that time?

Well, he’s built a cave shelter, crafted some new clothes, found a sword… the only things he hasn’t been able to find are his sister and some stupid FOOD! He’s sooo hungry!

Would you like to find out more about his awful weeks of survival? Oh don’t worry: Kevin will tell you all about it; and he’ll do it in his own words! As he’s stuck in his cave one night, he decides to distract himself from the worry and hunger by writing down his story. And what a fantasy adventure story it is!

This is no ordinary tale. Sometimes funny, sometimes painful, and sometimes even a little bit crazy. Kevin will suck you into his world as he describes the terrifying adventures he’s endured. He fights epic battles. He wins some, he loses some. Did we forget to mention the MAGIC? There’s plenty of that! You might just go blind by the lightning show in these pages.

Along Kevin’s journey, he encounters a mysterious mist. He isn’t sure what to think. It seems that the purple mist is following him. What’s going on? Is it friend or foe? Is he alone in this world surrounded only by enemies? Or might he just find an ally?

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