Episode 4 - The Land of the Lost


The Ender Kids have finally arrived! From the real world to Minecraft, the siblings have been separated... Jump in with Kevin as he explores this new world and searches for his sister!

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Our first three episodes have been setting the stage; and now one of the Official Ender Kids has finally arrived: 14-year-old Kevin!

Try to imagine this! How would you feel if this happened to you? Kevin wakes up, dizzy and confused, and discovers he's in a strange world! Everything looks different, even HE looks different! Holy Cow! At first he's terrified, then he's sure he's dreaming... Then he's not so sure. And where is his sister, Laura?! Why is he all alone?

Jump into this crazy new world with Kevin and find out what happens! You'll have all kinds of adventures; scary and exciting, and you might even get a glimpse of the Evil Queen, Kristisia!!

"We hope you enjoy this adventure... And we promise it will end with a BANG!"