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"Interactive Stories" has created a brilliant, fun, and super cool TRADING CARD GAME full of everything Minecraft!

To get you excited while we get ready for our official launch, we have  awesome FREE Fall Harvest and Winter Tales COMICS FOR YOU! All you have to do is tell us where to send the download link, and the free digital comics are YOURS to start enjoying immediately!!

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You can play fun games, quizzes, and achievements to win all kinds of hidden rewards!

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You'll be able to do so much more than trade, as soon as our Trading Card App is ready... Coming SOON!

Discover Bonus Bling & Treasure

You will find surprise bonuses in every comic that can unlock more stuff!

Upgrade & Boost Your Cards

You will find cool card recipes and use redstone power and more to craft awesomeness!

Build Your Own Card Deck

You will be able to BATTLE friends and PLAY with your very own deck in our super fun and easy Comic Card Game... Coming Soon!

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