Interactive Stories

These two great Minecraft comics are yours!

These special edition digital COMICS are full of fun twists and turns, unlikely heros and friends, and deadly foes. You will LOVE these exciting stories... and don't forget: as you read you will also find our surprises! We have TWO unique Trading Cards hidden inside the pages of each comic, just for YOU!

Never Before Seen Cards!


Reading the book unlocks RARE cards exclusive to these FREE comics

Unlock Spell and Monster Cards!


The mystery of whats inside is calling out to you, you cant deny the power of the cards! Read the comics and WIN secret cards!

Craftable cards!


A Minecraft card wouldn't be Minecraft unless you could craft and combine cards to make your favorite Interactive Stories characters and weapons!


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This book is SOOOOOOOO amazing!!!!! Totally cool, I want more! Can't wait to start collecting cards!

Kindle Customer

Wahoo!!! I don't like to read (my mom makes me) but this was like TOTALLY EPIC! Love IT!!!!!! I'll keep reading these!

Burtron BC

I didn't even know there were Minecraft Comics out there until my friend told me at school! This is AWESOME!

Doug P.

These comics should come with a warning, VERY ADDICTIVE! lol I love these SOOOOOO good! please make more!

Miecrafter 9032

And This is Just the Beginning!

Inside the Trading Card System you'll be able to:

  • Play the Most Powerful Minecraft-style Card Game EVER!

  • Collect Common, Uncommon, Rare and even Legendary cards!

  • Collect your favorite Monster and Spell cards from the Game!

  • Read the Comics and collect your favorite Character Cards!

  • Share with your friends to get FREE stuff!

  • Play online quizzes to earn EPIC bonuses!

  • Could it get any better? YES! Upgrade your cards, to make them even stronger!

  • All this and SO MUCH MORE is about to come!

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