The Empty Tomb of Herobrine
Episode 01
Flash finds himself trapped in this strange land and must learn to survive by trial and error. Can the hunter he meets be trusted? And then there's a mysterious empty tomb guarded by the undead...
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Leetah the Wicked Witch
Episode 02
Leetah the witch is the only one who can help Flash and Bones discover the truth of Herobrine’s story, his revenge, and how they can stop him. But will she help them?
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The Mysterious Bloodrock Mountains
Episode 03
Flash and Bones now have their quest: retrieve Leetah's three ingredients in exchange for information about Herobrine. But on their way, a village child goes missing, taken by zombies...
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Herobrine's Mountain Prison
Episode 04
Bones has been captured, Flash barely escapes... Can Flash make it in time to rescue Bones before his only friend is turned into something terrible?
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The Cyborg's Secret Power Source
Episode 05a
Undead soldiers, mutated skeleton giants, dangerous explosives; the Warden is determined to kill them. Flash and Bones are even more determined, but can they make it out alive?
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Escape with the Ruby Eye
Episode 05b
Undead soldiers, mutated skeleton giants, dangerous explosives; the Warden is determined to kill them. Flash and Bones are even more determined, but can they make it out alive?
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Secrets in the Wild West Stronghold
Episode 06
As Flash and Bones continue their quest for ingredients, they discover a corrupted Wild West town, get rescued from jail by a mysterious bandit named Angel, and enter a secret stronghold...
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The Demon Zombie Curse
Episode 07
Flash and Angel must find the potion ingredient somewhere in the stronghold before powerful zombie mercenary, Zulk, to save Bones from the demon power controlling his mind...
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The Jungle Demon Agramon
Episode 08
Saved from his demon curse, only to be captured by jungle natives who worship an evil demon named Agramon. Can Flash and Angel rescue Bones, again, before he is sacrificed to the demon?
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Agramon's Nether Fortress
Episode 09
In a strange and fiery realm filled with all kinds of terrible monsters, our team splits up to find and steal the potion ingredient from the demon's lair. But it's never that easy...
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The Magic Golden Apple
Episode 10
Wither skeletons, flying ghasts, lava pits, and an endless horde of zombie pigmen. Will our heroes defeat Agramon and emerge victorious? Or will all their struggles end in failure?
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The Creeper Canyon Quest
Episode 11
Escaping into a treacherous mountain pass, they soon discover Herobrine has sent a creeper army after them! Taking shelter in the mountain village, Flash meets Launa, someone with magic like him...
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Bandits and the Magic Underworld
Episode 12
On the return journey to Leetah with the ultimate magic potion, Flash trains his magic with Launa, Leetah's pupil, while Bones struggles with his zombie form... then bandits steal their horses.
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Death in the Cavern of Terror
Episode 13
In the magic dream world, Flash must overcome his fear to protect Launa from the evil conjured Herobrine, and escape this strange reality to get back to Bones, his closest friend.
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The Epic Bandit Rescue
Episode 14
Bones now needs to prove his worth to the bandit gang by sneaking into a fortress prison and rescuing their leader from the dungeon. But who is this leader and why are they so important?
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The Zombie Curse Awakens
Episode 15
Our full team reunite just as Bones succumbs to the curse raging inside him, and runs off with a pack of wild zombies. But Angel's bandit camp is also in danger, and they have to warn them in time!
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Battle Bots from Below
Episode 16
Bones has been completely overtaken by the zombie curse, now trying to destroy his former friends. Meanwhile, the bandits struggle to survive and join Angel at the warehouse
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Purging the Station
Episode 17
While Angel and Launa use all their knowledge and powers to try to bring Bones back to life, Flash gathers their forces to cleanse the station of the monster infestation that is hidden there.
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Rise of the Reaper
Episode 18
A new foe, the Reaper, has tracked Leetah down in the capital and will stop at nothing for revenge. Can Flash and his team get there in time to saver her and the city?
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New Heroes and Old Enemies
Episode 19
With Bones, Angel, and Jonah in prison, Flash at the bottom of the sea, and the reaper running rampant, things are looking pretty grim. Can a stranger tip the balance in their favor?
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Battle of the Brothers
Episode 20
Herobrine has arrived with a powerful army, right on the heels of the Reaper devastation. He plans to destroy the city and the small band of heroes trying desperately to save it. Can Flash stop him?
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An Uprising in Angel's Army
Episode 21
Mourning the death of Jonah, our heroes must now come up with a plan to go after Herobrine and his army. They returning to their homelands to recruit people for an army of their own.
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The Frost Dragon Fight
Episode 22
The Temple of Notch holds the key to defeating Herobrine. But freezing ice, avalanches, woolly mammoths, and an angry frost dragon could all put an end to their quest before it even begins.
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The Secret in the Temple of Notch
Episode 23
Flash, Launa, and Grimm head into the temple of Notch to complete the prophecy, and discover the hidden secret hidden that will reveal how to defeat Herobrine at last.
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Waging the Winter War
Episode 24
With the help of some new allies, Flash faces his brother head-on in an epic fight that will ultimately determine the fate of the world. But will his inner struggle be his ultimate downfall?
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The Bionic Hunter's Choice
Episode 25
Bones heads into the Bloodrock Mountains to return to his village. He needs to convince his tribe to abandon their ways and join him to fight the coming darkness before it destroys them all.
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