The Dark Storm Rising
Episode 01
The beautiful, yet very evil witch, Kristisia, has a dream of traveling to the real world and ruling it with her powerful magic. But when two unsuspecting children get in the way, things don't go as planned...
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The War of the Wicked Witch
Episode 02
Queen Kristisia is still up to no good, but what is she really planning? A flash-back in time: back to the day when she fought for her crown... or rather, created an evil plan to steal the crown!
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A Bridge Between Worlds
Episode 03
The Evil Queen Kristisia is back to finish her wicked plan. Will any of the unsuspecting villagers survive her diabolical spell? Will she be able to summon the children of the real world?
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The Land of the Lost
Episode 04
The Ender Kids have finally arrived! From the real world to Minecraft, the siblings have been separated... Jump in with Kevin as he explores this new world and searches for his sister!
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Friend or Foe Part 1
Episode 05
Continue with Kevin on his journey to find his sister in this strange new world! Adventure and magic, battles and the search for food, a mysterious purple mist that follows him...
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Friend or Foe Part 2 - Dead or Alive
Episode 06
We left off with Kevin almost dying… again! What will he find at the bottom of that enormous pit? Will he finally be able to get his hands on some bacon, or will he encounter a new danger?
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Friend or Foe Part 3 - The Man Hunt
Episode 07
Kevin is getting stronger by the day, but the Evil Queen still hasn’t found him. Meanwhile, Kevin finds himself in a very sticky situation; right smack in the middle of a massive spider nest!
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Laura at Last
Episode 08
Lost in a deep coma for a few weeks, Laura is finally awake only to realize she's definitely not back home in Oregon. But this is all a dream, right? So she might as well have some fun!
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A Queen's Warning, and a Close Call
Episode 09
Farmer Joe is still trapped in the treehouse with Sarah, a terrifying monster pounding at their door. Kevin has made a new ally, the spider queen. Laura is in danger...
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A Royal Welcome
Episode 10
Laura is awed by the largest courtyard she's ever seen, the majestic walls, watch towers, and turrets. But she has no idea the “Den of Danger” she’s walking into! What will she encounter next?
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Return of the Templar Knights
Episode 11
Laura, stranded in a strange city… but at least she’s made some new friends. Will they be able to hide her from the Evil Queen? And who is Kristisia's prisoner locked up below the castle?
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