Episode 1 - Revenge of the Raiders
Episode 01
If you’ve ever wondered where Angel’s bandits came from (in our other series, Flash and Bones), this story tells the tale of Jaden, her youngest recruit, uncovering the dark truth behind the empire.
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Episode 2 - Backstabbing Betrayals
Episode 02
Jaden is pulled into the action as he chases an assassin, attends a royal party, commits an accidental murder, and discovers it's all part of something much bigger.
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Episode 3 - Thieves in the Thick of it
Episode 03
Jaden and Derek are on the run as fugitives from the king... will the two be able to find answers before they are captured?
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Episode 4 - The Demon on the Mount
Episode 04
Taken prisoner by the bandits they were supposed to be spying on, Jaden and Derek soon discover that everything isn't as they were told. A sinister plot is unfolding.
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Episode 5 - Ending the Evil Empire
Episode 05
What starts as the simple goal of returning home, turns into something more when Jaden is caught up in the struggle between bandits and the kingdom. But he’s no longer the scared kid he used to be.
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