Episode 1 - The Empty Tomb of Herobrine
Flash finds himself trapped in this strange land where everything looks different than he's used to and behaves strangely. He must learn to survive by his wits by trial and error.

He soon runs into a Minecraft villager out hunting and tries to take his pig, but wolves chase them into a ravine. There they discover even more deadly monsters and a mysterious empty tomb surrounded by writings on the walls. The writings tell of a mysterious being called Herobrine who is now risen from his tomb and seeking revenge.

Thus begins the amazing series of Minecraft Interactive Adventures of Flash and Bones.
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Episode 2 - Leetah the Wicked Witch
Leetah the witch is the only one who can help Flash and Bones discover the truth of Herobrine’s story, his revenge, and how they can stop him.

But first they must find their way out of the caves, make it safely past her iron golems, and sneak into her tower.

Will she help them? Or will she turn them into something terrible with one of her many magic potions?
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Episode 3 - The Mysterious Bloodrock Mountains
Flash and Bones now have their quest from Leetah the witch: retrieve her three ingredients and return them to her in exchange for information about Herobrine.

But on their way to retrieve the 1st ingredient, Flash and Bones learn that a child from Bones’ village has gone missing, taken by zombies.

In their search for the missing child they discover a monster mining camp, villagers being held as slaves, and that Leetah’s ingredient isn’t as separated from this as they thought.

Can Flash and Bones find Leetah's ingredient before the monsters do? Can they rescue the child and free the other prisoners? Will they both survive?
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Episode 4 - Herobrine's Mountain Prison
Bones has been captured by Herobrine's minions and taken to his mountain prison. Flash must return the rescued village child and leave his friend to an unknown fate.

Almost captured as they escape, Flash and the boy are rescued by villagers that have been forced to survive in the mountains after their village was destroyed by Herobrine’s thugs.

Knowing the villagers are doomed without their leader, Flash decides to sneak into the heavily guarded prison fortress where Bones is being held.

Once inside, Flash soon discovers that the mysterious cyborg warden is doing strange experiments on the prisoners, putting Flash in a race against the clock to rescue Bones before his only friend is turned into something terrible.
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Episode 5 - The Cyborg’s Secret Power Source
Destroy the generator, free the prisoners, get out alive.

Flash and Bones may have escaped temporarily but there are still many problems ahead of them, not least of which is Bones’ new zombified body.

And let’s not forget the ingredient they still need for Leetah.
Undead soldiers, mutated skeleton giants, dangerous explosives; the Warden is determined to kill them.

But Flash and Bones are even more determined.

Can they destroy the Warden and put an end to his horrific experiments? Will they make it out alive? And what will happen to Bones now that he’s a zombie?
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Episode 6 - Secrets in the Wild West Stronghold
The balloon Flash and Bones used to escape from Herobrine's Mountain Prison has been slowly leaking. Now it's dropped them in the middle of a desert with no food or water.

As they continue their search for Leetah's stolen potion ingredients, they discover a corrupted Wild West town, get thrown in jail, and are rescued by a mysterious bandit named Angel.

During their escape they find themselves inside the entrance of a secret stronghold. They have no choice but to venture inside, hoping to find one of Leetah's ingredients.

But sinister things are hidden deep in the secret stronghold, can they survive?
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Episode 7 - The Demon Zombie Curse
Bones has been completely taken over by a strange unimaginable power.

Flash must flee with Angel, searching the secret stronghold for the first ingredient required by Leetah the witch.

Not only is it the first of the three ingredients for Leetah, but it might also hold the secret to freeing Bones from the demon power controlling his mind.

But they aren't the only ones searching for this powerful artifact.
Zulk, the zombie mercenary, and his henchmen also want it for reasons of their own, and the stronghold itself is filled with all kinds of other monsters ready to attack.

Will the mysterious artifact cure the demon zombie curse affecting Bones? Can they avoid Zulk and his henchmen and make it back before Bones is permanently changed into a being of evil?
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Episode 8 - The Jungle Demon Agramon
The heroes emerge from the secret stronghold after freeing Bones from his demon curse, only to find themselves in a strange jungle, far from the desert they started in.

Then Bones is captured by jungle natives who worship an evil demon named Agramon.

Can Flash and Angel rescue Bones, again, before he is sacrificed to the demon? Will this strange jungle tribe help them find the third and final ingredient needed to complete their quest?
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Episode 9 - Agramon's Nether Fortress
Flash, Bones, and Angel have just followed demon Agramon through the temple portal, and emerged into a strange and fiery realm filled with all kinds of terrible monsters.

They make a plan to find the demon's lair by splitting up. While searching, Flash unknowingly attacks a zombie pigman, triggering a swarm of others coming to kill him.

At the same time, Bones and Angel are bombarded by Ghasts and other creatures of the Nether. All sides are struggling in this evil place.

Can they find and destroy Agramon before being blown up, chopped to pieces, or falling into deadly lava? Will the demon stronghold have the final ingredient they've been searching for?
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Episode 10 - The Magic Golden Apple
Overpowered by the might of Agramon and his seemingly endless horde of zombie pigmen, Flash and Bones must somehow find a way to defeat him and discover where he is hiding the final ingredient for Leetah the witch.

Not only that, but now they have to fight wither skeletons with only their bare hands and keep from being blown into the lava pits by flying ghasts.

Can our heroes come up with one final trick to outwit Agramon and his deadly minions? Can they find the final ingredient they need? Or will all their struggles end in failure?
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Episode 11 - The Creeper Canyon Quest
Now that Flash and Bones have found and retrieved all the magic ingredients for Leetah, they need to find a way back to her without being found by Herobrine and his seemingly endless minions.

Turning north to avoid any place they've been before; they enter a treacherous mountain pass and are rescued by people from a hidden village.

They soon discover that Herobrine has sent a creeper army after them, stopping at nothing to destroy Flash and Bones and the magic ingredients they carry.

Secrets are revealed and new allies are found, but can Flash and avoid the hidden creepers that keep coming after them? Can they make the magic potion that will ultimately destroy Herobrine? Will they finally discover why Herobrine wants Flash so bad?
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Episode 12 - Bandits and the Magic Underworld
Flash and Bones have used the ingredients from their quests to create the ultimate magic potion, but now they must return it to Leetah while avoiding the creepers and other minions sent by Herobrine to stop them.

Accompanying them is Launa, a pupil of Leetah's that will need to train Flash to unlock his newly discovered magical powers. While Flash and Launa enter her Dream World in order to train Flash, Bones must retrieve their stolen horses from a band of bandits that aren't what they initially seem.

Can Flash overcome his fears and unlock the hidden powers within him, or will he be destroyed by them? Will Bones remain in zombie form forever or can he discover another way to change back to his normal villager form?
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Episode 13 - Death in the Cavern of Terror
Flash must face his greatest fears as he tries to protect Launa from the evil Herobrine.

The magic training world Flash and Launa are in is much more deadly than either of them had imagined... or at least is seems that way. With Flash's final and most challenging trial of them all, he must battle his own inner demons in order to learn his true power.

Flash must overcome his fear and uncertainty if he’s ever going to escape this strange reality and get back to Bones, his closest friend.

Can he deal with the truth about his relationship to Herobrine? Or will the unknown weakness inside him lead him to his ultimate doom?
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Episode 14 - The Epic Bandit Rescue
Bones now needs to prove his worth to the bandit gang by sneaking into a fortress prison and rescuing their leader from the dungeon.

After getting past the guards and the high stone wall, he must avoid being noticed and search its depths in order to perform his task.

Who is the mysterious bandit leader that they will do anything to rescue? Will he be able to rescue her, or will it be the other way around? Can Bones fight off the zombie curse before it consumes him completely?
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Episode 15 - The Zombie Curse Awakens
Flash and Launa return from the dream world where Flash has learned to use and control his inner powers.

They are ambushed by Angels bandits and learn that Bones' zombie curse has become much worse, and what Angel plans to do to restore him.

As Bones and Angel travel to her secret warehouse filled with the tools she needs to cure him, they are reunited with Flash and Launa just as Bones succumbs to the curse raging inside him, and runs off with a pack of wild zombies.

Meanwhile, the imperial soldiers have discovered the location of Angel's bandit camp and intend to launch an attack to wipe them out.

Can Flash track down his zombie friend Bones and help Angel restore his sanity? Can he get to the warehouse in time to warn the bandits before they are destroyed?
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Episode 16 - Battle Bots from Below
Bones has been completely overtaken by the zombie curse, now trying to destroy anything alive, especially his former friends; Flash, Launa, and Angel.

While they search for him in the depths of Angel’s warehouse, they must battle all kinds of evil monsters that have taken up residence while Angel and the bandits have been away.

Meanwhile, the bandits struggle to survive and join Angel at the warehouse, but the imperial soldiers will stop at nothing to exterminate them completely.

Not only that, but Herobrine's armored skeleton minions must be defeated in order to use their balloons to reach the warehouse in time.

Can Flash and the girls defeat Bones and his steam golem minions? Can they stop the curse controlling him and return him to his human self? Can the bandits survive long enough to join up with Angel and help them cleanse the warehouse?
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Episode 17 - Purging the Station
After the hardest decision Flash has ever had to make, destroying his zombie possessed friend, he needs to do something to rid himself of the guilt he feels over the death of Bones.

While Angel and Launa use all their knowledge and powers to try to bring Bones back, Flash gathers their forces to cleanse the station of the monster infestation that is hidden there.

But the swarm of spiders, zombies, and skeletons that he discovers is beyond counting. He must summon all the training Launa has given him, as well as every ally he has in order to defeat them and cleanse the station forever.

Can Flash keep the monsters at bay long enough to allow Angel and Launa to work a miracle? Can the girls resurrect Bones and restore him to his former self, or have the zombie curse and Flash's sword destroyed him forever?
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Episode 18 - Rise of the Reaper
With Flash and Bones reunited, and Bones discovering the new powers of his cyborg body, the gang must now confront a new foe: The Reaper.

Herobrine's construct has been tracking Leetah ever since she defeated it and Herobrine as a child. Now it has found her in the capital city and will stop at nothing for revenge.

Does Leetah possess enough power to defeat the creature again? Who is the mysterious figure that has been tracking the Reaper, seeking his own revenge?

Will the city be torn apart by the Reaper in its mindless hunt to destroy anything in its path? Can Flash, Bones, Angel, and Launa reach the city in time to help protect Leetah and the city from this terrible monster?
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Episode 19 - New Heroes and Old Enemies
The reaper seems impossible to defeat, at least by only one person, even if that person is Flash. Then a strange new hero appears to save the day, but will he help Flash and the gang or will he continue on his own destructive path of revenge?

With Bones, Angel, and Jonah in prison, Flash at the bottom of the sea, and the reaper running rampant through the city, things are looking pretty grim for our heroes.

But the new member of the gang might just tip the balance in their favor.

Can they rescue Angel and Jonah from the hangman's noose or will the bandit leader and her captain meet the ultimate doom? Will they be able to finally defeat the reaper or is it just too powerful an enemy?
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Episode 20 - Battle of the Brothers
Herobrine has arrived with a powerful army, right on the heels of the devastation caused by the reaper. He plans to destroy the city and the small band of heroes trying desperately to save it.

Will Bones' new cyborg body give him the strength he needs to help him destroy the army flooding into the city? Will Angel and her bandits be able to work side by side with the king's soldiers against a common enemy?

Will the ninja Grimm finally be able to get his revenge by defeating the evil reaper who has plagued them all? Will the combined magical powers of Leetah and Launa help turn the tide in favor of the heroes?

And lastly, can Flash stop Herobrine without his magic sword that was lost in the depth of the sea?
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Episode 21 - An Uprising in Angel's Army
Our heroes regroup outside the city and mourn the death of Jonah, but now they must come up with a plan to go after Herobrine and his army.

In the end they decide to split up, returning to their homelands to recruit people for an army of their own.

Angel builds an armada of ships to cross the ocean while Flash heads to the temple of Notch with Leetah, Launa and Grimm to discover his past, and who he truly is.
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Episode 22 - The Frost Dragon Fight
The Temple of Notch holds the key to defeating Herobrine. But can they make it there alive?

Our band of heroes has split up, each with a task that will help defeat Herobrine. Flash, Launa, Grimm and Leetah head back to The Temple of Notch in hopes of uncovering a secret to using the potion Flash made there earlier.

But their journey seems doomed from the start as their path back to Launa's village and the temple is blocked. The group must head north, around the pass in hopes of finding another way in, but the lands of the frozen north are full of dangers.

Freezing ice and water, avalanches, woolly mammoths and an angry frost dragon, all seem determined to put an end to their quest before it even begins.

Can they work together to survive this unknown land, or will their frustrations and jealousies pull them to their doom?
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Episode 23 - The Secret in the Temple of Notch
Can Flash and his friends unravel the clues to his past?

Flash, Launa and Grimm head into the temple of Notch to complete the prophecy, and discover the hidden secret hidden that will reveal how to defeat Herobrine at last.

However, the solar eclipse is starting, which means that trouble is brewing. Enemies wait around every corner.

Can they make it past the treacherous mountain full of creepers and through the crumbling temple itself? Is the secret of the temple what Flash is seeking, and will it give him the knowledge and power he needs?
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Episode 24 - Waging the Winter War
Bones has been captured by Herobrine's minions and taken to his mountain prison. Flash must return the rescued village child and leave his friend to an unknown fate.

Almost captured as they escape, Flash and the boy are rescued by villagers that have been forced to survive in the mountains after their village was destroyed by Herobrine’s thugs.

Knowing the villagers are doomed without their leader, Flash decides to sneak into the heavily guarded prison fortress where Bones is being held.

Once inside, Flash soon discovers that the mysterious cyborg warden is doing strange experiments on the prisoners, putting Flash in a race against the clock to rescue Bones before his only friend is turned into something terrible.
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Episode 25 - The Bionic Hunter's Choice
Bones heads into the Bloodrock Mountains to return to his village. He’s going to try to convince his tribe to abandon their ways and join him to fight the coming darkness.

But along the way he discovers a long forgotten loved one, and must make a choice: His village? Or his own family?
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