Episode 1 - The Dark Storm Rising
The beautiful, yet very evil witch, Kristisia, has a dream of traveling to the real world and ruling it with her powerful magic. In order to accomplish her evil plans, however, she needs the eye of an enderman and the souls of an entire village in order to create her gateway between worlds. She has found two unsuspecting children from the real world, that she must pull into her Minecraft world in order to allow her to be able to travel into theirs.

Things don't always go as planned, however, and these two kids, a brother and sister, are more resourceful than Kristisia anticipates. With the help of a strange enderman, they might be able to ruin her evil designs forever while they discover a strange new world they didn't even know existed.
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Episode 2 - The War of the Wicked Witch
Queen Kristisia is still up to no good, but what is she really planning? Why did she need to go to such risky lengths, almost dying in the process, to get an Ender Eye? And how did she become Queen in the first place?

Join Kristisia and her obedient servant, Farwin, as they remember a flash-back in time: back to the day when she fought for her crown... or rather, created an evil plan to steal the crown! Kristisia is a tricky witch, and her evil plans always leave you guessing. What is she after? And what is she willing to do to get what she wants?
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Episode 3 - A Bridge Between Worlds
The Evil Queen Kristisia is back to finish the wicked plan she's been working on for the first two episodes!

Unsuspecting villagers go about their daily business as the Evil Witch completes the final preparations for her diabolical spell. Her true form is revealed as the spell is released and doom and destruction fall upon the peaceful people she has targeted.

Will anyone survive the destruction she has planned or will the curse bring her the ultimate power she is so desperately seeking? Will she be able to pull in the two innocent children from the real world into her own world of Minecraft in order to complete her evil plot to conquer and grow in power?
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Episode 4 - The Land of the Lost
Our first three episodes have been setting the stage; and now one of the Official Ender Kids has finally arrived: 14-year-old Kevin!

Try to imagine this! How would you feel if this happened to you? Kevin wakes up, dizzy and confused, and discovers he's in a strange world! Everything looks different, even HE looks different! Holy Cow! At first he's terrified, then he's sure he's dreaming... Then he's not so sure. And where is his sister, Laura?! Why is he all alone?

Jump into this crazy new world with Kevin and find out what happens! You'll have all kinds of adventures; scary and exciting, and you might even get a glimpse of the Evil Queen, Kristisia!!

"We hope you enjoy this adventure... And we promise it will end with a BANG!"
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Episode 5 - Friend or Foe Part 1
Kevin has had to survive in this crazy Minecraft world for weeks! What has he been doing in all that time?

Well, he’s built a cave shelter, crafted some new clothes, found a sword… the only things he hasn’t been able to find are his sister and some stupid FOOD! He’s sooo hungry!

Would you like to find out more about his awful weeks of survival? Oh don’t worry: Kevin will tell you all about it; and he’ll do it in his own words! As he’s stuck in his cave one night, he decides to distract himself from the worry and hunger by writing down his story. And what a fantasy adventure story it is!

This is no ordinary tale. Sometimes funny, sometimes painful, and sometimes even a little bit crazy. Kevin will suck you into his world as he describes the terrifying adventures he’s endured. He fights epic battles. He wins some, he loses some. Did we forget to mention the MAGIC? There’s plenty of that! You might just go blind by the lightning show in these pages.

Along Kevin’s journey, he encounters a mysterious mist. He isn’t sure what to think. It seems that the purple mist is following him. What’s going on? Is it friend or foe? Is he alone in this world surrounded only by enemies? Or might he just find an ally?
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Episode 6 - Friend or Foe Part 2 - Dead or Alive
OH NO! We pick up right where we left off in Part One with Kevin almost dying… again!! What will he find at the bottom of that enormous pit? Will he finally be able to get his hands on some bacon (Ender Kids joke), or will he encounter a new danger? Perhaps a hairy demon with a face covered in evil, red eyes!

So far, we’ve learned two things.
Thing One: Kevin is pretty much a regular ol’, totally legit superhero baby! He can fight crime and protect himself from danger like the best of them! Well, not all the time. But he’s pretty darn good. And his skills just keep getting better!

Thing Two: The only thing he hasn’t been able to defeat yet is that tall, black monster. The strange purple mist wasn’t just mist after all; it was something much, much more! It seems the dark being is on a mission, but for what? Does it want to kill Kevin? That would make the most sense. But maybe, just maybe, it might be the key to providing some clues about Kevin’s precious sister, Laura.

Jump into this dangerous tale to find out more! The secrets are waiting!
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Episode 7 - Friend or Foe Part 3 - The Man Hunt
Will Kevin EVER make it back to his safe house in the woods? What new dangers, creatures, magic, and more will Kevin run into next? What about that black monster? Will Kevin see it again? Will he be able to find it? Will it give him another clue about his sister, Laura?

Here’s what we do know. Kevin is getting stronger by the day (what with his powers and his trusty sword), but the Evil Queen still hasn’t found him. Thank goodness for that! Unfortunately, this is just making the queen furious, and her patience is running out. She has a huge and hairy plan hiding up her sleeve, and she’s about to unleash it! Kristisia has her servant, Farwin, dig up some old maps and they soon discover there is a powerful ally just miles below their feet. With the help of Farwin’s men and at a great cost to Kristisia, she embarks on a journey to find a way to snag these children. Can she trust this new ally? Or will it all be for naught?

On the other hand, Kevin finds himself in a very sticky situation; right smack in the middle of a massive spider nest! Will he be able to survive this ultimate challenge? Who knows? Oh, and one other thing. Laura has yet remained the biggest mystery, but that part in our story is about to come to a close. Jump into this next episode to find the answers!
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Episode 8 - Laura at Last
Lost in a deep coma for a few weeks, Laura is awake only to realize that she's not where she thought she was; definitely not back home in Oregon. Adding to the drama, Kevin is nowhere to be found! She landed somewhere in a hot desert; no food, no water, no big brother, and no idea what to do. But this is all a dream, right? So she might as well have some fun!

Also, Farmer Joe enters into our story once more. We haven’t heard from him since “Ender kids: Episode 3”, where the evil Queen Kristisia cursed his town. He has been running for days to get help for what was done to his village, and his precious family. With only an ancient sword to help him, he must travel through monster-infested lands to get to the nearest village for aid. And unlike Kevin, Joe can die. Will he find help? Will he survive the creatures of the night? Find out all this and more in the next episode!
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Episode 9 - A Queen's Warning, and a Close Call
Infuriated by her lack of success in finding the children, Kristisia turns her attention to the spider queen to demand answers. She is bent on making sure Diaea Dorsata keeps her end of their bargain. Kristisia is suspicious that the spider has betrayed her, but she has no proof. Will the spider be able to keep her secrets about Kevin? Or will she give in and tell all she knows? One thing is for sure: Kristisia will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

On the other hand, Joe is still trapped in the treehouse with Sarah, a terrifying monster pounding at their door. Will these two new partners be able to defeat their enemy? Joe has some serious fighting skills, not to mention his determination to protect Sarah and escape so they can find a way to save his village and family. Will all of his grit be enough? Or will another surprise visitor be able to help?

We will also find out some answers surrounding Kevin’s adventures. Why has he been writing down his story in a journal instead of looking for Laura? Why was he wearing a different outfit instead of his original clothes? It seems his new ally, the spider queen, hatched a plan to protect him and keep him out of Kristisia’s clutches.

Unfortunately, we also catch a glimpse of Laura in a dangerous situation, and she doesn’t even know it! What is she thinking? What will happen to her next?
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Episode 10 - A Royal Welcome
Here Laura stands in the largest courtyard she has ever seen. The majestic walls are as high as she can imagine; topped with watchtowers, turrets, and walkways. She is completely in awe. But strange enough for such a large building… there is hardly anyone here. The very emptiness makes the sight even more overwhelming. And Laura has no idea the “Den of Danger” she’s walking into! Who or what will she encounter next?

Joe and Sarah have just defeated their first monstrous obstacle, and now they are in for a whole new kind of misfortune. They have to travel through a perilous wilderness to reach the next village and get some help. They have no choice… but where will this choice really lead them in the end? And are they up for the challenge? Let’s find out!
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Episode 11 - Return of the Templar Knights
First we’re back to Laura; stranded in a strange city… but at least it seems she’s made some new friends. Will they be able to hide her from the Evil Queen? What about after Laura does something shocking even they never saw coming?

And what is the witch, Kristisia, planning to do with the prisoner she has locked up below the castle? Who is he? Where did he even come from?

Then last but not least, let’s not forget the danger Joe and Sarah faced in the Plains of Thorn. They barely escaped death with the sudden appearance of an unlikely rescuer… and what a story he has to tell!
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