Flash & Bones - 25 Episodes
Flash finds himself trapped in this strange land where everything looks different than he's used to and behaves strangely. He must learn to survive by his wits by trial and error. Not by using some Minecraft Handbook with all the rules explained.

He soon runs into a Minecraft Village out hunting and tries to take his pig but wolves chase them into a ravine where they discover even more deadly monsters and a mysterious empty tomb surrounded by writings on the walls. The empty tomb belongs to Herobrine and the writings are some sort of Herobrine Diary announcing to the world that he has risen.

Thus begins the amazing series of Minecraft Interactive Adventures of Flash and Bones.
Bandit Origins - 5 Episodes
If you've ever wondered where Angel's bandits came from and who they were, this story begins that tale.
As a mere 16-year-old boy, on the verge of manhood, Jaden has longed to join the army of the Empire and explore the world.

Full of adventure and youthful optimism, Jaden struggles with the usual bullies and adults who say he's too young and won't ever amount to much. But Jaden knows better and is always striving to become all he can be. His mother's strange death has made him always long to do something that would show her he is a boy she can be proud of.

When the Empire drafts all young men in the villages, Jaden joins the older boys and starts his training under the leadership of his military father who has tried to keep him out of the army, fearing he will lose Jaden as well as his wife.

As their training begins, a group of raiding bandits does a surprise attack which the group of young recruits barely survive, but at a terrible cost to Jaden which sends his life in a direction he never planned.

Can Jaden discover the mysterious source of the strange bandit attacks and survive long enough to uncover the truth behind the compelling forces that pull him toward his ultimate destiny?
Angel Origins - 2 Episodes
Having always lived her life on the edge of danger, this series traces Angel’s origins; where she came from and how she became a mechanic extraordinaire and accomplice to Flash and Bones.

Just ten years old and living hungry and alone, Angel seeks refuge with her local bandits. She thinks that she has finally found her place with people she can call her friends. However, becoming a bandit is not as easy as she thought it would be.

The bandits betray her and refuse to let her join their exclusive club. Meanwhile, Angel has obtained a mysterious key-shaped artifact. She heads out to the desert to gain information about this strange piece of history.

Will Angel find what she is looking for?
Will the Sheriff keep her locked away forever?
Will the bandits decide that they really do want Angel’s criminal skill in their gang?
Beast Origins - 2 Episodes
Bones' father Kyam is young and hotheaded. Being the chief's son, he thinks he's the best at everything and nothing can hurt him. But he soon learns differently when a gigantic boar attacks the village and destroying those he loves. But instead of being allowed to hunt the beast with the rest of the tribe's warriors and hunters, he must go on a quest with his friend Avadacus to find a wise sage hidden somewhere in the trackless desert.

Can Kyam discover the location of this wise man and enlist his powers to help save his village from the evil beast? Or will he ignore the chief's commands and recklessly charge after the beast seeking his own revenge and glory?
Leetah the Witch - 3 Episodes
This first episode in the series tells the story of a young Leetah who is just a girl that loves alchemy and brewing potions, although she's not very good at it.

Lured into the forest by a magical wolf and then into a haunted mansion, she must use all her skills and discover ones she didn't know she had, in order to escape the undead form of Herobrine and prevent him from using her powers to take over the world!

In these Minecraft Adventures, you'll discover the secrets of Leetah's powers and why Herobrine stole her ingredients, why she sends Flash and Bones on quests to get them back and who she truly is. These, and other Minecraft secrets are waiting to be discovered in this exciting series of Minecraft comics.
Grimm and the Reaper - 3 Episodes
In this epic Flash and Bones sub-series, many questions from those comics as well as the Leetah the Witch series will be answered and the story will come together in the epic battle to destroy Herobrine once and for all.

Initially, a pair of Martial Arts students; Grimm and Blayz train to increase their mastery of the art, but quickly discover that there are forces in the world much more powerful than they could have ever imagined.

Will they discover their true destiny with the help of sensei Tenzin? Or will their foolish pride lead them to their own destruction.

Can they master their inner power and unlock its secrets? Or will they fall prey to Herobrine's ultimate weapon: The Reaper.

Discover how Grimm and his past are the key to Flash and Bones' success and their ultimate destiny together.
Behemoth Hunters - 2 Episodes
A group of skilled warriors has formed a guild to seek out and destroy mighty beasts that are causing trouble across the land. Some of the warriors are initially enemies but must learn to work together in order to survive the deadly monsters.

Each warrior has a special skill or ability that they must learn to master if they are to overcome their foes and save the land from destruction.

Can they overcome their petty differences and work as a team? Or will their own inner demons force them to destroy each other first?

Epic heroes battle mighty monsters as "Behemoth Hunters" cross the land, seeking to clear it in order for humanity to survive.

In the first episode, Hiro is recruited into the guild of Behemoth Hunters because of his amazing feat of killing a giant koi fish with just his sword. He meets two other guild members: Feather, a skilled hunter with the bow and Ark, a cat-faced ninja who is obsessed with style.

Once they overcome their differences, they must battle a huge snake that doesn't seem to be affected by any of their weapons, and so Hiro must reach deep within himself and bring out his inner demon in order to match the giant snake's power.

Can Hiro control his inner demon long enough to defeat the monstrous snake? Or will his demon destroy him and his newfound friends?
Ender Kids - 11 Episodes
The beautiful, yet very evil witch, Kristisia, has a dream of traveling to the real world and ruling it with her powerful magic. In order to accomplish her evil plans, however, she needs the eye of an enderman and the souls of an entire village in order to create her gateway between worlds. She has found two unsuspecting children from the real world, that she must pull into her Minecraft world in order to allow her to be able to travel into theirs.

Things don't always go as planned, however, and these two kids, a brother and sister, are more resourceful than Kristisia anticipates. With the help of a strange enderman, they might be able to ruin her evil designs forever while they discover a strange new world they didn't even know existed.
Seasonal Comics - 3 Episodes
During the fall, when the nights are longer and colder, the undead rise and objects come to life. When his friends abandon him, Wick is chased into the dark forest by a scarecrow, only to realize he has only jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

Amazing winter tales from Flash and Bones and all their sidekicks: Grimm, Angel, Jaden, Hiro, and more.

Young Ben and Hannah, the kids of a struggling farming family, are pulled into a feud between rabbits and goblins when they go exploring beyond the thick and mysterious hedge near their home.