The amazing backstory of Leetah the witch

The back story of the not-so-wicked Minecraft witch and how she became what she is when Flash and Bones meet her in Episode 2 of the Flash and Bones series of Real Minecraft Comics.

This first episode in the series tells the story of a young Leetah who is just a girl that loves alchemy and brewing potions, although she's not very good at it.

Lured into the forest by a magical wolf and then into a haunted mansion, she must use all her skills and discover ones she didn't know she had, in order to escape the undead form of Herobrine and prevent him from using her powers to take over the world!

In these Minecraft Adventures, you'll discover the secrets of Leetah's powers and why Herobrine stole her ingredients, why she sends Flash and Bones on quests to get them back and who she truly is. These, and other Minecraft secrets are waiting to be discovered in this exciting series of Minecraft comics.