Can Flash and Bones recover the missing villagers from the secret lair?
This episode replaces the original "Escape from Herobrine's Minions" with a much expanded story line that is more vivid and detailed and exciting than the original. If you loved the original, this revision will blow you away. If you haven't read the original this episode will have you begging for more.

Flash and Bones now have their quest from Leetah the witch, to retrieve her three ingredients and return them to her in exchange for information about Herobrine and why he is searching for Flash.

Armed with a magical diamond sword they head toward the bloodrock mountains where the 1st ingredient is supposed to be hidden. Stopping by Bones' village on the way to warn them of the dangers of Herobrine, Flash and Bones must discover who or what has kidnapped one of the village children.

As they search for the missing child they are attacked by strange, powerful skeletons wearing armor and discover the monster camp lead by a hideous zombie captain, where many village slaves are being forced to mine and where the kidnapped child is being held prisoner.

Can Flash and Bones find Leetah's ingredient before the monsters do?
Can they rescue the child and free the other prisoners?
Will they both survive, or will one of them need to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to accomplish their goals.