Bones has been completely taken over by some strange possessing power and seems to have unimaginable power. Flash must flee with Angel and search the secret stronghold for the first ingredient required by Leetah the witch. Not only will it complete the first of 3 quests for Leetah, but it just might also hold the secret to freeing Bones from the curse of this demon power controlling his mind.

But Flash and Angel aren't the only ones searching for this powerful artifact. Zulk, the zombie mercenary and his henchmen also want it for reasons of their own, and the Stronghold itself is filled with all kinds of other Minecraft monsters whose only desire is to tear them limb from limb or fill them full of arrows.

Can Flash and Angel find the mysterious artifact that could cure the demon zombie curse affecting Bones? Will they be able to avoid Zulk and his henchmen and make it back before Bones is permanently changed into a being of evil?