Now that Flash and Bones have found and retrieved all the magic ingredients for Leetah, they need to find a way back to her without being found by Herobrine and his seemingly endless minions. Turning north to avoid any place they've been before they must enter the treacherous mountain passes and find a hidden village chief named Ulgarth who can help them use the ingredients as Leetah instructs them.

They soon discover that Herobrine has sent a creeper army after them and they'll stop and nothing to destroy Flash and Bones and the magic ingredients they carry.

Many secrets are revealed about the connection between Herobrine and Flash, as well as secret friends and allies they didn't know they had.

Can Flash and Bones reach the hidden village? Can they avoid the hidden creepers that keep coming after them? Can they make the magic potion that will ultimately destroy Herobrine? Will they finally discover why Herobrine wants Flash so bad?