The balloon Flash and Bones used to escape from Herobrine's Mountain Prison, has been slowly leaking and has dropped them in the middle of the desert with now food or water.

As they continue to search for Leetah's stolen potion ingredients they discover corruption in a Wild West town. A saloon fight that starts when they're looking for information about a stronghold, lands them in jail. But they're rescued during the night by a mysterious bandit named Angel.

Can they find the stronghold, get the ingredient and help Angel expose the sheriff for the crook he really is, all before being shot down by the sheriff's zombie henchmen?

In an attempt to escape from the henchman Zulk, Flash and Bones and their new friend Angel find themselves inside the entrance to a secret stronghold.

Going deeper they hope to find one of the ingredients for Leetah the witch. But more sinister things are hidden deep in the secret stronghold. Something keeps entering Bones' mind and talking to him with visions of their dire future if they continue.