A brand new Shonen Jump style Minecraft Comic with Epic monsters you've never seen in Minecraft before.

A group of skilled warriors has formed a guild to seek out and destroy mighty beasts that are causing trouble across the land. Some of the warriors are initially enemies but must learn to work together in order to survive the deadly monsters.

Each warrior has a special skill or ability that they must learn to master if they are to overcome their foes and save the land from destruction.

Can they overcome their petty differences and work as a team? Or will their own inner demons force them to destroy each other first?

Epic heroes battle mighty monsters as "Behemoth Hunters" cross the land seeking to clear it in order for humanity to survive.

In the first episode Hiro is recruited into the guild of Behemoth Hunters because of his amazing feat of killing a giant koi fish with just his sword. He meets two other guild members: Feather, as skilled hunter with the bow and Ark, a cat-faced ninja who is obsessed with style.

Once they overcome their differences they must battle a huge snake that doesn't seem to be affected by any of their weapons, and so Hiro must reach deep within himself and bring out his inner demon in order to match the giant snake's power.

Can Hiro control his inner demon long enough to defeat the monstrous snake? Or will his demon destroy him and his new found friends.