Why didn't Leetah's original potion destroy Herobrine? Were the ingredients wrong. This series answers those questions and more.

In this epic Flash and Bones sub-series many questions from those comics as well as the Leetah the Witch series will be answered and the story will come together in the epic battle to destroy Herobrine once and for all.

Initially a pair of Martial Arts students; Grimm and Blayz train to increase their mastery of the art but quickly discover that there are forces in the world much more powerful than they could have ever imagined.

Will they discover their true destiny with the help of sensei Tenzin? Or will their foolish pride lead them to their own destruction.

Can they master their inner power and unlock its secrets? Or will they fall prey to Herobrine's ultimate weapon: The Reaper.

Discover how Grimm and his past are the key to Flash and Bones' success and their ultimate destiny together.