What will our favorite characters have to face next?!

Joe and Sarah must travel through the Plains of Thorn; vast grasslands littered with thieves, robbers, and all the normal nasty monsters. One slip up and they could face disaster! Will Joe have to use his strange skills to defend Sarah once again, or will the two manage to remain undetected?

Kristisia is in an unusual mood. It is the mighty kingdom’s national birthday and all the servants and villagers are gathering together to celebrate. She can hardly focus amidst all the noise and confusion. Then something seems off when a group of children are found wandering through the courtyards of the castle. They are quickly dismissed, but one of the children particularly catches her eye. Why does she look familiar? Is that the little girl she’s been looking for?

In a forest many miles away, Farwin has officially set up camp at the spider queen’s lair, and now he and his men must work to find the missing children with the reluctant help of Diaea Dorsata. Will Kevin be able to remain hidden, even though he’s almost right under Farwin’s nose?