Infuriated by her lack of success in finding the children, Kristisia turns her attention to the spider queen to demand answers. She is bent on making sure Diaea Dorsata keeps her end of their bargain. Kristisia is suspicious that the spider has betrayed her, but she has no proof. Will the spider be able to keep her secrets about Kevin? Or will she give in and tell all she knows? One thing is for sure: Kristisia will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

On the other hand, Joe is still trapped in the tree house with Sarah, a terrifying monster pounding at their door. Will these two new partners be able to defeat their enemy? Joe has some serious fighting skills, not to mention his determination to protect Sarah and escape so they can find a way to save his village and family. Will all of his grit be enough? Or will another surprise visitor be able to help?

We will also find out some answers surrounding Kevin’s adventures. Why has he been writing down his story in a journal instead of looking for Laura? Why was he wearing a different outfit instead of his original clothes? It seems his new ally, the spider queen, hatched a plan to protect him and keep him out of Kristisia’s clutches.

Unfortunately, we also catch a glimpse of Laura in a dangerous situation, and she doesn’t even know it! What is she thinking?! What will happen to her next?