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Wonderful Winter Tales

Amazing winter tales from Flash and Bones and all their sidekicks: Grimm, Angel, Jaden, Hiro, and more. This collection of short winter stories from each of the main series gives you a fun taste of each of the main characters and the amazing adventures they can have, even when the frost and snow cover the […]

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Headless Harvest in Hoggleton

Can Wick and Jack avoid the headless horseman and fine their way back to the pumpkin patch? Wick and his friends decide to play baseball in the farmers pumpkin patch while the farmer is away. But what they don't know is that the pumpkins are on land that has been cursed for 300 years and […]

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The Final Duel with Herobrine

Leetah has defeated the monstrous spider guarding the final ingredient she needs in order to brew the mystical potion that can defeat Herobrine. Now she must make it back into Herobrine's palace, defeat the Minecraft monsters he has guarding him and confront him in one final epic duel. But Herobrine has some tricks of his […]

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The Fight in the Forgotten Forest

Leetah finds herself a prisoner of Herobrine, deep in the dungeons of Herobrine's Mansion. During her escape she learns why Herobrine wants her and her potion making skills and of a secret weapon he is wanting her to help him create so he can become invincible and rule the world. In order to stop him […]

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The Secret of Herobrine Rising

The amazing backstory of Leetah the witch The back story of the not-so-wicked Minecraft witch and how she became what she is when Flash and Bones meet her in Episode 2 of the Flash and Bones series of Real Minecraft Comics. This first episode in the series tells the story of a young Leetah who […]

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The Dungeons of Doom

With the evil queen at his disposal, Thrrain has sentenced her to death by his hand. But the Kristisia is smart; she knows he can't be affected by stun effects or sleeping spells, so she came prepared with a nasty trick that will once and for all make Thrrain loyal to her. Kristisia has also […]

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Return of the Templar Knights

Laura awakes to the awful reality that she might not be in a dream. And this causes her to lose control and put her and her new friends in danger. Kristina sees that she will need more help in gathering the children so she enlists some help from another world. Joe on the hand is […]

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A Royal Welcome

What will our favorite characters have to face next?! Joe and Sarah must travel through the Plains of Thorn; vast grasslands littered with thieves, robbers, and all the normal nasty monsters. One slip up and they could face disaster! Will Joe have to use his strange skills to defend Sarah once again, or will the […]

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A Queen's Warning, and a Close Call

Infuriated by her lack of success in finding the children, Kristisia turns her attention to the spider queen to demand answers. She is bent on making sure Diaea Dorsata keeps her end of their bargain. Kristisia is suspicious that the spider has betrayed her, but she has no proof. Will the spider be able to […]

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Laura at Last

Laura must survive the desert and farmer Joe must survive the creatures of the night? Laura has finally woken up! We’ve all been waiting with bated breath to find out what happened to her. Well, the wait is over. Lost in a deep coma for a few weeks, Laura has finally woken up only to […]

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