The final conflict between Jaden and the evil empire. More description coming soon.

Jaden finds the answers he is seeking… but at great cost.
Taken prisoner by the bandits they were supposed to be spying on, Jaden and Derek soon discover that everything isn't as they were told. And a more sinister plot begins to unravel before their eyes.

After initially struggling against their captors, they soon come to discover that everything they thought was right, is wrong, and everyone they thought was bad is good and the other way round.

Jaden and Derek are on the run?
Jaden and Derek are fugitives from the king and must gather supplies in order to complete their mission of infiltrating the Bandits that have been raiding towns in the area, and discover the truth about who murdered the queen.

Chased by dogs and bandits, tricked into stealing horses and constantly on the run, will the two be able to find answers before they are captured?

Jaden's story continues… But can he survive?
Jaden’s hardships and adventures continue in Episode 2 as he and the other recruits recover from the bandit attack. With the impact of his father’s death still fresh and painful, Jaden just wants everyone to leave him alone while he deals with it.

But he can’t even have that as events begin to unfold around him. Again he is pulled into the middle of things as he chases an assassin, attends a party, commits an accidental murder, and discovers that all of the things happening to him, seemingly unconnected, are actually part of something much bigger.

If you've ever wondered where Angel's bandits came from and who they were, this story begins that tale and tells of Jaden, her youngest recruit.

As a mere 16-year-old boy, on the verge of manhood, Jaden has longed to join the army of the Empire and explore the world.

Full of adventure and youthful optimism Jaden struggles with the usual bullies and adults who say he's too young and won't ever amount to much. But Jaden knows better and is always striving to become all he can be. His mother's strange death has made him always long to do something that would show her he is a boy she can be proud of.

When the Empire drafts all young men in the villages Jaden joins the older boys and starts his training under the leadership of his military father who has tried to keep him out of the army, fearing he will lose Jaden as well as his wife.

As their training begins a group of raiding bandits does a surprise attack which the group of young recruits barely survive, but at a terrible cost to Jaden which sends his life in a direction he never planned.

Can Jaden discover the mysterious source of the strange bandit attacks and survive long enough to uncover the truth behind the compelling forces that pull him toward his ultimate destiny.