With Zulk and his henchmen right on their tails, Lester and Angel continue searching for the famous lost city. When Lester and Angel arrive in the city, it is unlike anything they ever could have imagined.

Bloodthirsty Zulk will stop at nothing to find and kill the duo so he can claim the city as his own, and absorb all of its power. Will Angel and Lester make their way to the city safely? Can they stop Zulk before he absorbs the power of the entire city, thus becoming omnipotent?

Angel has finally found a clue pertaining to her artifact and the mysterious gear symbol from the treasure map. Before she can use it however, desert nomads kidnap Angel and hold her hostage in their camp.

At the camp, Angel meets a scholar named Lester, who befriends her and tells her legends of an ancient city hidden somewhere in the Sea of Sands that he's been searching for his entire life.

Before Angel can decide what to do next, a giant sand viper attacks the camp, destroying everything in its path.

The Backstory of our favorite bandit leader, Angel
Having always lived her life on the edge of danger, this series traces Angel’s origins; where she came from and how she became a mechanic extraordinaire and accomplice to Flash and Bones.

Just ten years old and living hungry and alone, Angel seeks refuge with her local bandits. She thinks that she has finally found her place with people she can call her friends. However, becoming a bandit is not as easy as she thought it would be.

The bandits betray her and refuse to let her join their exclusive club. Meanwhile, Angel has obtained a mysterious key-shaped artifact. She heads out to the desert to gain information about this strange piece of history.

Will Angel find what she is looking for?
Will the Sheriff keep her locked away forever?
Will the bandits decide that they really do want Angel’s criminal skill in their gang?