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Episode 21:

The Battle of the Brothers

Herobrine has arrived with a powerful army, right on the heels of the devastation caused by the reaper. His plans are to destroy the city and the small band of heroes trying desperately to save it.

  • Can Flash stop Herobrine without his magic sword that was lost in the depth of the sea?
  • Will Bones' new cyborg body give him the strength he needs to help him destroy the army flooding into the city?
  • Will the ninja Grimm finally be able to get his revenge by defeating the evil reaper who has plagued them all?
  • Will the combined magical powers of Leetah and Launa help turn the tide in favor of the heroes?
  • Will Angel and her bandits be able to work side by side with the king's soldiers against a common enemy?

Episode 22:

The Uprising in Angel's Army

After regrouping outside the city and mourning the death of Jonah, our heroes need to come up with a plan to go after Herobrine and his army. After dealing with inner conflicts between the imperial soldiers and Angel's bandits, they all fall in line behind Angel, when she reveals her amazing battle train that shows her almost magical mechanical skills. Their need for haste puts Angel in charge of building an armada of ships to cross the ocean in pursuit.

The Heroes decide to split up, and return to their homelands to recruit people for their army. Meanwhile Flash heads to the temple of Notch with Leetah, Launa and Grimm to discover his past, and who he truly is.

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Episode 23:

The Frost Dragon Fight

Our band of heroes has split up, each with a task that will help defeat Herobrine. Flash, Launa, Grimm and Leetah head back to The Temple of Notch in hopes of uncovering a secret to using the potion Flash made there earlier. But their journey seems doomed from the start as their path back to Launa's village and the temple is blocked.

The group must head north, around the pass in hopes of finding another way in, but the lands of the frozen north are full of dangers. Freezing ice and water, avalanches, woolly mammoths and an angry frost dragon, all seem to be determined to put an end to their quest before it even begins.

Can they work together to survive this unknown land, or will their frustrations and jealousies pull them to their doom?

Episode 24:

The Secret in the Temple of Notch

Flash, Launa and Grimm now must head into the temple of Notch to complete the prophecy, and discover the secret hidden within that will reveal how to defeat Herobrine at last. However, the solar eclipse is starting, which means that trouble is brewing.

Can they make it past the treacherous mountain full of creepers as well as through the crumbling temple itself? Enemies wait around every corner.

Is the secret of the temple what Flash has always been seeking and will it give him the knowledge and power he seeks? Or will more unwelcome surprises continue to force him down a path he doesn't desire?

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Episode 25:

Waging the Winter War

With Herobrine's armada of warships flowing through the skies, Flash and the heroes must find a way to stop him from destroying the canyon and Launa's village. With the help of some new allies, Flash faces his brother head-on in an epic fight that will ultimately determine the fate of the world.

Can Flash defeat Herobrine with the help of his friends and their new Viking allies, or will his inner struggle to save is brother be his ultimate downfall?

Episode 26:

The Choice of the Bionic Hunter

Bones must head into the Bloodrock mountains and return to his village to try and convince his tribe to abandon their ways and fight the coming darkness. But things have changed since he was their chief and shocking surprises await his return.

Along the way he discovers mysterious creatures that have plagued his dreams, and a loved one long forgotten, and he must make a choice that will change his future forever.

  • Will Bones be able to save his village from the onslaught of Herobrine's minions?
  • Will the mysterious figures in his dreams pull him from his path?
  • Will the truth about the deaths of his parents finally be revealed?

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