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Episode 1:

The Empty Tomb of Herobrine

Flash finds himself trapped in this strange land where everything looks different than he's used to and behaves strangely. He must learn to survive by his wits by trial and error. Not by using some Minecraft Handbook with all the rules explained.

He soon runs into a Minecraft Village out hunting and tries to take his pig but wolves chase them into a ravine where they discover even more deadly monsters and a mysterious empty tomb surrounded by writings on the walls. The empty tomb belongs to Herobrine and the writings are some sort of Herobrine Diary announcing to the world that he has risen.

Thus begins the amazing series of Minecraft Interactive Adventures of Flash and Bones.

Episode 2:

Leetah the Wicked Witch

Flash and Bones must find their way out of Herobrine's empty tomb and make it safely past the iron golem guards that keeps anyone from entering the tower of Leetah the wicked witch. 

She is the only one that can help them discover the truth of the empty tomb and what Herobrine is really up to. But they must first get by her traps and Iron Golem guards.

Will she help them or will she turn them into something terrible with one of her many magic potions?

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Episode 3:

The Mysterious Bloodrock Mountains

Flash and Bones now have their quest from Leetah the witch, to retrieve her three ingredients and return them to her in exchange for information about Herobrine and why he is searching for Flash.

Armed with a magical diamond sword they head toward the bloodrock mountains where the 1st ingredient is supposed to be hidden. Stopping by Bones' village on the way to warn them of the dangers of Herobrine, Flash and Bones must discover who or what has kidnapped one of the village children.

As they search for the missing child they are attacked by strange, powerful skeletons wearing armor and discover the monster camp lead by a hideous zombie captain, where many village slaves are being forced to mine and where the kidnapped child is being held prisoner.

  • Can Flash and Bones find Leetah's ingredient before the monsters do?
  • Can they rescue the child and free the other prisoners?
  • Will they both survive, or will one of them need to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to accomplish their goals.

Episode 4:

Hero-brine's Mountain Prison

Bones has been captured by Herobrine's minions and taken to his mountain prison, and it's up to Flash to rescue him, even though he knows it's a trap. 

Can Flash sneak into the heavily guarded prison fortress and get out alive with Bones before the mysterious prison warden does something terrible to Flash's only friend?

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Episode 5:

The Enderman Zombie Prison

Flash must get Bones out of Herobrine's Prison and find an antidote to whatever the Enderman warden did to turn Bones into a zombie.

He must also find the 1st of Leetah's stolen ingredients. Bones now has strange zombie abilities that help them escape, along with most of the prison inmates. Can they find a way out before Bones becomes a zombie permanently?

Episode 6:

The Wild West Frontier

The balloon Flash and Bones used to escape from Herobrine's Mountain Prison, has been slowly leaking and has dropped them in the middle of the desert with now food or water.

As they continue to search for Leetah's stolen potion ingredients they discover corruption in a Wild West town. A saloon fight that starts when they're looking for information about a stronghold, lands them in jail. But they're rescued during the night by a mysterious bandit named Angel.

Can they find the stronghold, get the ingredient and help Angel expose the sheriff for the crook he really is, all before being shot down by the sheriff's zombie henchmen?

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Episode 7:

The Mystery of the Secret Stronghold

In an attempt to escape from the zombie henchman Zulk, Flash and Bones and their new friend Angel find themselves inside the entrance to a secret stronghold. 

Going deeper they hope to find one of the ingredients for Leetah the witch. But more sinister things are hidden deep in the secret stronghold. Something keeps entering Bones' mind and talking to him with visions of their dire future if they continue.

Episode 8:

The Demon Zombie Curse

Bones has been completely taken over by some strange possessing power and seems to have unimaginable power. Flash must flee with Angel and search the secret stronghold for the first ingredient required by Leetah the witch. Not only will it complete the first of 3 quests for Leetah, but it just might also hold the secret to freeing Bones from the curse of this demon power controlling his mind.

But Flash and Angel aren't the only ones searching for this powerful artifact. Zulk, the zombie mercenary and his henchmen also want it for reasons of their own, and the Stronghold itself is filled with all kinds of other Minecraft monsters whose only desire is to tear them limb from limb or fill them full of arrows.

Can Flash and Angel find the mysterious artifact that could cure the demon zombie curse affecting Bones? Will they be able to avoid Zulk and his henchmen and make it back before Bones is permanently changed into a being of evil?

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Episode 9:

The Jungle Demon Agramon

The heroes emerge from the secret stronghold after freeing Bones from his demon curse, only to find themselves in a strange jungle with the sun setting, far from the desert they started in. Bones becomes separated from them in the night and is captured by jungle natives who worship an evil demon named Agramon.

Can Flash and Angel rescue Bones, again, before he is sacrificed to the demon? Will this strange jungle tribe help them find the third and final ingredient needed to complete their quest?

Episode 10:

Agramon's Nether Fortress

After following the demon Agramon through the temple portal Flash, Bones and Angel emerge into a strange and fiery realm populated with all kinds of terrible monsters.

They must split up in order to find the demon's lair and while searching, Flash unknowingly attacks a zombie pigman triggering a swarm of others that try and kill him. At the same time Bones and Angel are bombarded by Ghasts and other creatures of the Nether.

Can they find and destroy Agramon before being blown or chopped to pieces or falling into deadly lava?
Will the demon stronghold have the final ingredient they've been searching for?

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