Our Mission and Purpose:

Our Mission is to bring you fun, excitement, and laughter! We want to provide you with amazing content to enjoy via books, comics, cards, games, and more. Our goal is to create uplifting, youth-friendly, and exciting entertainment for the Minecraft-enthusiast.

About Our Team!

The first fact you should know about us is we are ALL Comic Book NERDS!

We love anything COMIC
We love anything Minecraft
We love all kinds of games
We love all kinds of design
We love all kinds of adventure stories
We love anything fun that helps us feel young FOREVER!

SO… over five years ago we decided to put all our ‘loves’ together and start a business writing adventure comic books for youth and set them under the theme of Minecraft. It’s been a blast!

As of today, we already have over 50 comics released through the Kindle Unlimited program on Amazon.

If you’re interested in checking any of them out, you won’t be disappointed! You can just click on either of these links right here. These will take you to our two most popular series!

Original F&B Comics Ads
Original EK Comics Ads


This year we started feeling that these comics just weren’t enough. There was something more… something totally AMAZING we could do for our fans! We’ve collected a lot of awesome content over 50 comics… what should we do with it?

We had a crazy idea!

As comic nerds… we’ve also always loved card games… especially trading cards. Trading Cards like Hearthstone; Yu-Gi-Oh!; Pokémon!  You get the idea.

But we also love Minecraft. And guess what we discovered?! Minecraft might have a few cards made that are fun to collect… but they are pretty basic… and guess what? NO GAME!

That’s when our minds exploded!

*** We want to be the FIRST… No… we WILL be the first ever to create a trading card GAME in the Minecraft-style genre. ***

It will be based on the Minecraft look and feel... just like our comics are! And our game will be even better and bigger because we’ve created so many amazing characters and monsters and magic and more from our adventure comics! We just have to do this!

So we went to work.

We promise you will be THRILLED by this new adventure!

Card Pile Icon LG for books
About Us Web Page Image
Chest Medium

These cards are super interactive!

You will be able to:

Collect all kinds of unique cards over time.
Trade cards with your friends!
Upgrade and Boost to make cards stronger.
Complete Achievements to WIN Legendary or Unique Cards.
Find all the cards in a special SET and WIN secret reward cards (not found anywhere else!)
Battle Friends and Play with your own deck on our Trading Card App… Coming Soon!!
Score High points on Quizzes and Games to WIN all kinds of prizes!

You found us for a reason!

You are here because this Trading Card Game is for YOU!

You love games and cards and collecting cool things just like we do!
You love Minecraft and designing and using your imagination just like we do!
You love Comics and adventure stories just like we do!
You want something MORE than what you’ve been playing on your computer… just like we do!!

So here it is!

If you haven’t already… GO CREATE YOUR OWN LOGIN and join in all this fun right now!!!

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