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Our two heroes are on opposite sides of the world, each facing challenges of their own.

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5 Episodes
If you've ever wondered where Angel's bandits came from and who they were, this story begins that tale.
As a mere 16-year-old boy, Can Jaden discover the mysterious source of the strange bandit attacks and survive long enough to uncover the truth?
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25 Episodes
Flash finds himself trapped in this strange land where everything looks different than he's used to and behaves strangely. He must learn to survive by his wits by trial and error. Not by using some Minecraft Handbook with all the rules explained.
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11 Episodes
The beautiful, yet very evil witch, Kristisia, pulls two unsuspecting children from the real world into her Minecraft world so she can take their place.
But things don't go as planned as these two kids, a brother and sister, are more resourceful than Kristisia anticipates.
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Meet the Characters!

Our two main heroes, their love interests, and their main enemy. Discover more in our comics!
  • Flash

    A young man who wakes up in the strange world of Minecraft with no memories of himself or the world he's in.

    On the path to find out who he is, Flash makes new allies and powerful enemies, discovers magic hidden deep within him, and gets pulled into a quest to defeat the undead lord—Herobrine!

  • Bones

    A village hunter in search of food for his village, Bones meets Flash when they're nearly killed by wolves.

    Temporarily stuck together, they face challenge after challenge and soon become each other's most trusted ally and friend. But while they're both set on defeating Herobrine, Bones faces his own inner turmoil when he loses his human body to the cause.

  • Launa

    A young witch's apprentice, Launa meets Flash and Bones when they come to her mountain village looking for her father on their quest.

    Flash isn't strong enough to defeat Herobrine on his own, so Launa joins their quest to teach Flash how to control his magic along the way. While they started off on the wrong foot, Flash and Launa soon become closer...

  • Angel

    Originally a small town bandit, Angel rescues Flash and Bones when they're locked away by the corrupted sheriff. The three form a temporary alliance to help each other get what they need.

    They soon become friends through the dangers they face together, but Angel needs to return to her bandits, and Flash and Bones have a quest to complete, so they part ways. But they meet again further along in their quest, each side more powerful and experienced than they were before...

  • Herobrine

    An evil god, powerful but exiled, Herobrine is determined to destroy this world keeping him prisoner.

    But first he has to regain his powers, recreate his army, and forge new and more powerful weapons than before. He'll stop at nothing to accomplish his goal. Will Flash and Bones be able to stop him? And, after discovering a secret about his origin, will Flash be able to do it when given the chance?

Our Fans Love Them

See what our fans are saying after reading the great Minecraft adventures in our comics!
Doug P.
"I didn't even know there were Minecraft Comics out there until my friend told me at school! This is AWESOME!"
"These comics should come with a warning, VERY ADDICTIVE! lol I love these SOOOOOO good! please make more!"
Burtron BC
"Wahoo!!! I don't like to read (my mom makes me) but this was like TOTALLY EPIC! Love IT!!!!!! I'll keep reading these!"


While we're still working on the comics, we have big plans for the future.

Collectable Cards?

For a while now we've wanted to do more with our comics, something AMAZING we could do for our fans! There are so many awesome characters, monsters, and items we've created inside over 50 comics, we wanted to do something with them.

Why not let you, our comic fans, collect all those things for yourselves? All those epic Minecraft things as Trading Cards!

As comic nerds, we’ve also always loved card games, especially trading cards. Trading Cards like Hearthstone, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Pokémon! You get the idea.

First off, we plan for you to use the cards you collect in a series of Choose Your Adventure Path stories. We don't want to completely move away from our origin of storytelling, after all.

Each card will have special properties to help you progress along your adventure, defeat monsters, find treasure, and make choices that lead to the final treasure!

(We'll share more information about these as we get closer to publication. So check back here often.)

Sneak Peak at the Cards!

From characters, monsters, items, crafting, spells, and much more! All collectable!
Never Before Seen Cards!
Reading the comics will unlock Rare cards!
Craftable Cards!
A Minecraft card wouldn't be Minecraft unless you could craft and combine cards to make your favorite items!
Unlock Spell Cards!
Magic spells, lethal potions, what can they all do?

This is Just the Beginning...

Here are some ideas we're wanting to implement with our Comic Cards
  • Read the Comics and collect your favorite Character Cards!
  • Collect Common, Uncommon, Rare and even Legendary cards!
  • Collect your favorite Monster and Spell cards from our comics!
  • Share with your friends to get FREE stuff!
  • Upgrade your cards to make them even stronger!
  • Play online quizzes to earn EPIC bonuses!
  • All this and SO MUCH MORE!
And, We're Just Getting Started